Ramayana – A Twisted Tale of Aryanization (Part 3)

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So we are here now. Sita was apparently abducted by Ravana, and Ram is wondering in the dense woods with his broken heart. And what’s better than having some allies in time of needs. So had Ram., in the form of the monkey troop or as known in the books Vanar Sena. So how come is it possible to have a troop of monkeys help you out, more over have talking monkeys like Hanuman, Jambuban, and the likes of Sugreeb. Well to think of it, they had someshort of Aryan connection of their own, most probably through marriage and bloodlines, as Hanuman and some other monkey leaders were supposed sons of Aryan “gods” or the high council. So they had their alliance towards the Aryan society as they thought this would help them “develop”. But what is the thing with talking monkey? is that at all possible? Well, to answer in short, it is a loud and clear YES. Now the question is “HOW”?

Well, to trace back the roots of the word, as once told by my grandfather (he is a better scholar in Sanskrit than I’m), Vanar comes from two words, Va and Nar; Va means almost or alike and Nar means human. So to put two two words together, Almost human, or human like. Now for the blue blood aryans who always thought of themselves as the superior race, the forest dwelling aboriginals of India were never full humans, but since they were the allied force they were given the status of almost human or human like. And to secure the friendship with this South Indian aboriginal tribes, Ram killed the rival of Sugreeb, Bali when those two engaged in a match of wrestling. And how he killed Bali? By hiding behind the tree, the greatest warrior of all time killed another king while hiding behind a tree (or a stone, in some scripts).

Now that Ram helped Sugreeb to have the throne of his kind, Sugreeb and others from his tribe decided to help Ram to defeat Ravana. They built a bridge across the the Pak Straight., and took the whole army to Lanka. Well obviously after Hanuman jumped across the ocean, and put Lanka on fire, but I’m still in loss of words as how to explain the “supernatural” phenomena of a mortal jumping across the ocean. But I guess soon there will be an explanation or a way that can take away the epic exaggeration.

Now comes the another part of the the whole story, as vital as it can be. The battle of Ram and Ravana. By this time another brother of Ravana, Bibhishan has joined the other side, Ram’s side of the army. And what can be better than someone from your opposite team pledging allegiance to your team. You know that once you take out your enemy you can place that man in the power and that will ensure that that country or that civilization will be loyal to you, without the chance of going rogue. So as usual Bibhishan was portrayed as a kind hearted one, the virtuous one. And while all these things of were taking place, Ravana kept Sita in Ashoka forest, untouched and unharmed. Quiet surprising, isn’t it? I mean you kidnap someone supposedly after getting overcome by the lust, and you don’t touch her, but keep her at a separate place without touching her. But, most of us won’t doubt this part, as Ravana is already the villain of the story.

Ram was surely no match for Ravana, he was clearly out matched and outwitted by the prowess and intelligence of Ravana. Because, ten heads of Ravana stood for his knowledge of all the things that were supposedly personal knowledge of Aryans. So Ram needed more time and more help from the Aryan high council, to beat Ravana. And all this effort didn’t go to waste, as Ram finally succeeded in defeating sand killing Ravana, and appointing Bibhishan as the new king of Lanka to ensure the loyalty of yet another Indian native kingdom.

Now it was time for Ram to come back to Ayodhya with his brother and wife Sita. While for most of us the story ends here, there’s still more to talk about. and that my dear friend is for the last part.


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