Drugs, Sex and Rock N Roll

Let me start by borrowing one of my favourite lines from a movie and tweak it a bit,
People ask the question… what’s a Rock n Roll? And I tell ’em – it’s not about drums, drugs, and hospital drips, oh no. There’s more there than that, my friend. We all like a bit of the good life – some the money, some the drugs, others the sex game, the glamour, or the fame. But the real Rock n Roll, oh, its different. Why? Because a real Rock n Roll demands a fucking lot.

And yes. That is what it is. For past 6-7 decades music has been a way of defying societal norms, it saw “black” people joining the traditional “white” music, resulting in genres and sub genres like bebop, jazz, blues, rock n roll, blues rock and evolving to much more heavier genres like heavy metal, women taking up the role of front lady, artist openly speaking about homosexuality, poets pointing out the wrongdoing of government. And irrespective of the changing faces of Rock n Roll, (As a broader musical genre) few things that are associated with it, apart from all the musical aspects, are sex and drugs. Rockstars do drugs, they get a lot of sex. And that wrongly influenced a lot of youngsters of my generation and the generations came before that.

We heard their music, we saw all the glamours rock n roll has to offer, we saw how women would go crazy to sleep with them time to time. Then we read in papers and saw in news that what kind of drugs they used to take. Some were high on LSD, some on cocaine, and what not. Rockstars had the ultimate freedom of doing what ever fuck they want to do, or atleast that’s how it was portrayed through out the time. We were googly eyes seeing their deeds, how one can get so many girls to throw themselves on him. But, one thing was always missed out, may be because it will not make a sensational breaking news, or is unworthy to get featured in the page 3. The least talked about topic was, the behind the scenes of their music, how it was created, what thoughts went behind it, the hardwork, the sleepless nights, the in-born talents and the hardworkers. Because when you are not famous, no body talks about your hardwork or talent, and you expect them to talk about it when you are famous; but when you are famous, the only topic of concern becomes your personal life, or anything that can make for a juicy page 3 gossip.

And growing up on all those things as kid, we fail to see the hardwork. We just see a bunch of people who made it out of the bottleneck. But there are a whole lot of other artist who couldn’t make past that bottleneck, one of the main reason being distractions. We have taken the pills our favourite artist has taken, without asking the important question that, “Am I as talented as him or her?” because some talents are inborn and some are acquired through hardwork. May be your icon was a born talented dude who could do drugs and still can nail a perfect solo on the stage. But may be you need hardwork to reach there. Because it is not one size fits all. It’s different from everyone. You follow someone who is not like you, and bam!! you will end up in your own ruins. We are taught that all the artist, all the talented folks take drugs, and we started too, without a second thought of whether we share the same talent or not. Because no matter how harsh it sounds, if you are a leaked vessel, no matter what liquid you pour in, will flow out. Likewise, if you have no inborn talents, or anything to offer on the table as any form of art, then instead of drugs and sex you need hardwork and persuasion. If you want to make something out of music or any other art form for that matter, give it everything you have, only then it will workout. And for that, following your favourite artists lifestyle is the least necessary.


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