Communication in The Time of Social Media

          While 2016 was one hell of a ride, the last phase of incubation, is one way to look at it; 2016 also saw one of my dreaded nightmare coming true. I lost a close friend, taken by old friend death. And truth be told, this was the first time I saw or rather heard someone from my closest circle die. A sister figure, who believed in celebrating life as it is, will not allow me to be sad for long, rather would force me to take it as one inevitable truth of life. But what I never realized is, all our late night counselling sessions has changed me (No shame in admitting that, though she was younger than me, she had a much better view of the world).

           So what has changed so much? To put it in one word, I have to say “communication”. A simple word, which means interacting with other fellow human beings or with any living being as for our case. But I grew up being an introvert kid, who would hide behind curtains and under the table just to avoid any interaction with strangers. And you see, being introvert is not that much a big deal as long as you are in your closed circle or comfort zone. But boy!! Once you are on your own, you’re forced to communicate with others, no matter if you like it or not. And by the time I left home, I realized that I have to communicate with people. It was not hard previously, because we had options of texting, then Facebook, now Whatsapp and other messaging apps. So do we really need to communicate in person, when we have all the other options to carry out a virtual communication? The answer is a short and crisp “YES”. Let me tell you why.

        We are spoilt with choices here, you name a virtual mode of communication, it’s either on the table already, or it’s rushing towards the table. And no matter how much our previous generation criticize us for being glued to our mobile and laptop screens, they do the same once they get used to it. Because it’s easy, you have plenty of time to think and write your reply, we propose over txts, we argue over whatsapp, we break up over facebook messenger. We are always in the need of sharing every single detail of our life, like what we ate, what we wore, what we are doing, with whom we are in relationship with, in short all the significant and insignificant tit bits of our daily lives, just to prove that we are leading no less happy life than the guy or girl who receives 200 friend requests a day and parties with the coolest kids of the town. But, to be very blunt, when it comes to real life conversation, most of us suck. Because we adopted to live in a make believe world of show offs. And there was my friend, who deactivated her facebook account, uninstalled whatsapp from her phone and led a “primitive” life according to the society. And when I asked her, “How was it?”, she was more than happy, because in her words, “…I finally got rid of all the fake things. I can talk to someone looking right into their eyes, I can see their expressions changing. Do you get that in your virtual world?”. Boy!!! I was dumbstruck, because she was right. But lately, when I started communicating with people in real life, it was more fun and more personal, because we all crave for intimate conversations, not by txting, or mailing, but in person, when we know the other person is equally interested in the conversation, and if we see that they seem uninterested we stop. And apart from that, communicating in person, lets you know whom you can trust, and whom you should not. It brings help, because out of so many millions of people out there, some might hold a solution of your problems and you will never know until you communicate.

           So maybe it’s high time, we give our all the social media accounts bit of rest that it deserves from constantly keeping us in touch with the world, helping us make new friend, and call up an old friend, or probably a new one, go out, grab a bite or beer, watch a movie together, travel to new places, get dirty, and connect with the world to much more deeper level, and know everyone of your friend up, close and personal, doesn’t matter if you have one friend or then friend. And talking about my friend, I can’t bring her back to life and talk more with her, but all I can do is go out there, be nice to everyone I meet, talk to them, help them when they need it the most and make this world worth living even it’s for atleast one person.


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