Gay Pride and Homophobia

Well so recently my hometown decided to host Gay Pride march, and invariably that raised quiet a few brows; nothing new, so to say. Society has some inherent issues with homosexuals or gay. It’s like screaming “I have a bomb” in an airport or better, at Times Square. But, being a dimwit as I am, I never quiet understood the logic. And there have been people in past and in present, as well who try to portray homosexuals as potential sex offenders, who supposedly “violates” their personal space, but the true sex offenders like rapists and pedophile clergymen go scot-free, because come on! they are not homosexuals, if anything is of grave offence than being a homosexual that might be a sexually liberated woman, atleast society made me believe so.

But as I look back, I was supposed to be the most homophobic person, because of some creep who happened to be homosexual or bisexual (I’m not sure) who tried to molest me when I was around 8 years old. Clearly I didn’t have any idea what molestation is at that time but I felt something was not right, so kicked his balls and ran away. The second incident took place when I was 22, someone tried to grope my balls and “feel me” and received the somewhat similar kind of treatment.

But it always got me thinking, should I be afraid of them or should I not? Because on the other hand my best friend is bisexual, when in college my classmate proposed me, who was gay and I had lengthy discussion with them. And trust me they never seemed alien to me. They have two legs and two hands just like you and me, a tetra-valved heart like all the other human being, they don’t drink blood, they don’t drop bombs (well one or two of them might, but that doesn’t mean that they whole homosexual community would drop a bomb). And to build up their logic, homophobes claim that homosexuality is against their culture, against their religion and so on and so forth. Some claim it to be contagious habit, some call it disease and every other so called logic that will crack me up. But the more you dug deeper in their respective “culture” and “religion” you find that homosexuality was accepted as a normal thing up until a certain point. The point from when people started accepting harassing women as normal thing, or to put things in perspective the point of interception of Patriarchy. Just think of the horror, when a man, who always considered stalking as a best thing to do, to win a girl’s love, ends up on the receiving end and the other person is a man!!!! fuck!!! Now he thinks of the violation of personal space. And the biggest horror is yet to hit you. When you discover the girl you were trying to win over is actually a lesbian girl who enjoys having sex with other women!!! what a blasphemy!!!! lord be merciful. And we needed to find a solution otherwise our patriarch mind set would fall apart. Thus spoketh the lord “Let’s all demonize homosexuality and keep women only for men”, but lets not include our clergymen who often sexually abuse kids, or creeps who think of rape as a tool to teach women “lessons”, because those are not against the patriarch society.


But all the jokes and puns aside, if you are a homophobic individual, try to befriend a homosexual person, and you will see how similar are the emotions for both of you, only difference that you might feel is, you are attracted to opposite gender, and your friend is attracted to his/her same gender. Everything else is just the same, just the same.

P.S Just because I’m anti-patriarchy, don’t think I’m feminist, I have no -ism to follow.


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