The Illusion of Longevity and The S-Curve

As life has its moments, sad moments, happy moments, angry moments and so on, I had to see a shrink for about two months earlier this year for anger management program. And there I told her that I have a feeling that I lived for an awfully long, longer than my true age. Curious, as she should be, she asked me to elaborate on the issue. But I couldn’t find proper words to explain the feeling. And slowly as it dawned on me, it’s an ILLUSION; but none the less it’s true. Tricky ? yes. So let me explain it to you. But here’s a little fore warning, this might turn out to be a boring read.

As I have spent the most of my childhood reading, I turned out to be omnivorous, quickly finishing up the books designated for children, I moved on to some heavy books, mostly history, biography and so on. But I never realised history has fixed pattern of human behaviour; so as I read on it stayed with me in my head. And whenever I see those patterns in front of me, repeating itself, as it have took place, hundreds or thousand of years back, it gives me sensation of living through the same thing over and over again. Now if you might wondering what these patterns are, and if they are good patterns or bad patterns. Well bad things leave a long standing mark on our psych, isn’t that so ?

History as mostly I see it, is a way of telling us where we went wrong in past, so that we don’t repeat the same shit over and over again. But as paranoid as we are, we seem to overlook the warning part. Thanks to my study and job in laboratory working with micro organisms in laboratory, we often saw that life forms follow a sigmoidal or S-shaped graph, where the life forms go through a slow growth phase, and then bursting into an exponential growth phase, then a rest phase and finally hitting the downward part of the graph, spiraling down the shitville. So is the story of human lives. We started out as hunter-gatherer and with advent of science and technology, approximately starting from the time of Industrial Revolution we entered in the exponential growth phase, learning to control almost everything at our disposal, delaying >90% of the premature deaths, and we doubled our number within 10world-population-growth0 years of Industrial revolution, another doubling in next 50 years, next doubling in 50 years and so on. So where is the saturation point ? where do we hit the neutral button and slow down ? Well I don’t have answer for that, (I’m not God, you see). But looking at the current trend, we are nearly at the peak of the graph. If you look at within the matrix of human evolution, (Matrix. Yes. Because we haven’t gone out of it ever) you will see civilizations starting out, reaching its pinnacle and then falling and crumbling, slowly turning into sands of time. And what common do we have with those long lost civilizations ? not much, per se, but one common thing is the stage of corruption and mindless chaos that act as the herald of a downfall. There is a worldwide stupidity that is taking over, people killing people, people so busy living their online lives, that they are slowly getting disconnected with the real world, people blindly following dumb leaders, and its nothing new. If you look through the pages of history, you will see these things being present there in one form or another. But what makes many people think that the road to shitville is just around the corner is unlike other times, now we are equipped with WMD, Weapon of Mass Destruction, because come on folks this is 21st century and you don’t fight a war with stones, or bow and arrow. So is this the end for us ? well time will tell that. For now, so long my dear friend, ’cause this is the
time they are a-changing.



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