Tainted Vision pt. 1

C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_13423916_1161081843944387_929004598482751898_n.jpgSundays are lazy, and for a person with nature of a panda, it’s super lazy. So when I first came across the news report of Orlando mass killing, I just went past it; frankly for a country who treats their gun laws as a joke I couldn’t care less, and for those who don’t know, Omar Mateen was interrogated not once but twice in the past, 2013 and 2014, and still he could own guns legally purchased; sick joke it is.
But after a while I see gay people condemning the attack, and unlike feminazis they don’t take offence easily. So I decided to read about the incident. It was Omar Marteen, age 29, spent life on jihadi propagandas yet acquired a legally purchased gun just to walk inside a gay night club and *boom* *boom* 50 dead, 53 critically injured. Slow claps.
But all sarcasm aside, the question that popped in the mind was, “WHY?” did they blast inside your house? Did they kill your loved ones? Did they raped anyone? Or any other reason that prompted us to hate gays to that extent that you can attempt to kill 103 person? (<50% accuracy, too bad). But we tend to turn blind eyes to those kind of incidents, so maybe it is simple case of xenophobia? That binds all most all the religions despite their sibling rivalry.
One of my best friend is bisexual, I was once approached by a gay classmate and met other homosexuals overtime; but they never looked like harmful people. Rather they were just like heterosexuals, they feel like them, they emote like them, it’s just that they are attracted to people of same sex. Is that crime? In a world of manmade rules, where heterosexuals are majority in number, it was or it still is a crime. But the old world order hardly considered them as criminals, they were common folks (may be the first one to criminalize homosexuality had his eyes set on a lesbian lady, poor fella. tch).
We offer treatments to them like it’s a fucking disease. Because come on, you either be like us or you’ll be considered a cancer that needs to be amputated. So we have, hindu Babas offering yoga as cure for homosexuality, Islam preachers think that every time two homosexuals engage in sex, the throne of god shakes (would make a hilarious TVC for condom), Christians who still consider homosexuality as a punishable offence, and our we-know-it-all political leaders. But what we fail to understand that this is normal, otherwise they will not be taking place in nature, and we consider heterosexuals as good lord’s best children. Let me break the bubble a little as, I was molested more than once as a kid, and none of them were remotely homosexuals. So you see I don’t blame homosexuals. But for a second, think of it this way; Mr. H raped or molested someone of same sex, but he is heterosexual, so according to society it’s impossible; but now if Mr. H puts the blame on Mr. G, who is gay. *voila* society is ready to accept that. But then again I’m not saying all the gay people are good, and all the others are at fault. We are society’s middle children, having different shades of gray. So there will be bad people and good people among every community. But labelling everyone the same will be a sign of lack of education and knowledge.
So dear homophobes please take out some time and talk to the gay people, you will not see much of a difference, pinky promise; and who knows, you might end up having a very good friend, better than your “NORMAL” friends.


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