Religion – Politics lost in translation ??

Once I left home to explore independence (that’s when I faced responsibility as well) in a new city, I had to rebuilt everything from scratch. And the one question that I came across more often than once or twice were, “What is your religion?” be that the my landlord, or the meat seller from my regular joint and many other people as well. Because my body doesn’t carry marks of one particular religion, it is amalgamation of more than one; perks of growing up in a family where people are least bothered about religion. But this reminded me of few things I once read extensively, world religion (if I’m not busy offending people or cracking lame jokes, I read).

Wikipedia describes religion as “a cultural system of behaviors and practices, world views, sacred texts, holy places, ethics, and societal organisation that relate humanity to what an anthropologist has called “an order of existence”.”

religionpoliticsThe first sign of religious rituals can be dated back to as far as 2,25,000 years during the early hominids. These rituals remained pretty simple over the course of coming few hundred thousand years, more of a paganism than any other religions; worshiping the
nature as a sacred force
. But over the years some people realized that this whole thing revolves around blind faith, and then started the game of power. Because by that time humans started making colonies and those colonies started growing into civilizations. But for every civilization to sustain, it needs a certain set of moral codes, a list of do’s and don’ts. Now who makes the code ? obviously god never came down among us, the mortals, to say you should fast on that specific day or you shouldn’t kill these certain animals. So priests created god in their own image (how blasphemous of me) and the code of living as the words of god, because most mortals fear the unknown. But time didn’t stop here, and with time religion became synonymous with politics. New religions started rising, sometimes to counter the existing one (Christianity against imperial cult of Rome), or sometimes to band new people together ( Abrahamic religion after the exodus, which later split up in three Judaism, Christianity and Islam); this resembled the modern political ideologies to many extent, one who holds the power and abuses it, a group of blind followers, incorporation of different ideas from existing ideologies to prove their superiority and so on & on.

At my weekly visit with the shrink, we talked about human behavioral patterns at length, and apart from some exceptions they mostly follow a fixed pattern; if we can really take out the phenotype of every person, and consider them as faceless entity solely focusing on their thought patterns and actions. So no wonder what once started in the name of god now in 21st century they changed the name to politics. But all in all its history repeating itself. Some people enjoys the power, while the blind followers kill each other. We are divided by our leaders so that they can have power over us, and those who crave for more power they make us fight others while being safe in their houses. We are the children of nature, and for her homosexuality is not a sin, helping people who are different than you is not a sin, abortion is not a sin, eating your choice of meat is not a sin, but sin is killing or hurting others for your sole gain. Hope you understood my point.

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