When The Shit Gets Real

reality bites cover photo

We already read about the successful people on the net or Forbes, or rolling stones or some other god forsaken magazine, how a 20 something bloke started a social website that is a rage now, or how a college drop out started a million dollar tech industry, or how a college drop out becomes the world famous guitarist, or how a kid from the slum went on to become a legendary sports personality. That’s the good part, all shiny all glittering fairytale stories of the people who made it large. But out of billions of humans roaming around us, how many of them do we got ? that number my dear friend is so small that even a renowned statistician will not run a correlation or probability of occurrence test for that matter( hands up, he gives in – imaginary situation).

So obviously there is a bottle neck, where most of us gets filtered out. And that’s the part least highlighted, umm, somewhat like the darkness right under the bright lamp ( oh its a metaphor used in the times of oil lamps. outdated). But yes that’s where the shit gets real for a 20 something kid (gender neutral). You see there’s this concept kids grow up with in western countries, “monsters under the bed”; for Indian kids monsters are almost everywhere, where ever our parents don’t want us to go. But pretty soon you figure out its the dark or the unknown we fear, not necessarily there are monsters around us, lurking to trap us ( without the increasing number of rape I might soon rephrase this part). But there are figurative monsters, the more you grow up, the more you get to know them, “competition to reach the top”, “A good job”, “a six figure salary”, “social acceptance”, “family legacy”, “our dreams”, “our parents’ dreams”, “relationship” etc etc. and by the time you are around your mid 20s (kids, who are maturing faster, read your age), its like the seventh horn is blown in the heaven, and the hell broke loose. And we are not young enough to hide away from these, nor we are old enough to handle it our selves. I see people turning to addictions, just to block away reality. A major population of my generation is undergoing different forms of depression, that pretty often go unnoticed. Our social website media tells us the “top 10 places you should visit before your 30s” or “these 7 places should be on your next vacation list”. so we are off to check out the boxes of somebody else’s bucket list, or the kind like “why start up is so cool” “why mark zuckerberg wears same pair of clothes”. Do I look interested ? sorry to break your heart but you lost my attention at the time mark of, umm, 0.5 sec? While we try to figure out the life as it is, these things try to steer us far away from the reality. and trust me, nobody hold their shits together for a long time, all have been messy at one point or another. You are not the first one in the line, neither the last one.

And aah, there comes all the -isms of the world, religious -isms, feminism, meninism (Shouldn’t it be musculanism?), social -isms. All of them essentially preach different ideologies while they preach that somewhere we all are equal. So we take the liberty to understand the first part and sleep through the later, when they talk about equality(Classroom habits. tch.). So when we hear something offensive to us or our -isms we start a protest, while if the same is done by us, we hide behind the shield of “freedom speech”. We don’t want to see the world as it is, we want it to follow our model. We try to become rebels, most often than not, rebels with out proper cause. There are things that can be ignored, and things that deserves special kind of attention, but we got it all reversed.

Then there’s the most feared gray area. Feared because we can’t actually classify it as absolute good or evil. and believe it or not we all fall in this gray zone, just different shades of gray ( please! not 50 shades of gray. Hell no). And its a humane thing to have to solid pillars like good and evil, God and Lucifer, Yahweh and Helel, Allah and Shaitan, Dharma and Adharma, you know just to make it easy. Because even the elders were not so good with handling responsibility, so they had someone to blame, and someone to thank, if things go well, though. But we all are antiheroes of sorts, living in the gray area of morality. We all got something good, and something bad about us. I got my bad side, you got your good side so does billion others. But that certainly doesn’t fit our childhood model of society, all black and white, good and evil. lets just put that scheme back to the chess board.

Fight Club, watched the movie almost everyone I guess, brownie points for those who read the book as well. The movie featured an awesome line, and I certainly can’t let go of this moment to quote it here, “We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our great war is a spiritual war. Our great depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars, but we won’t.” Yes, as plain and blatant it may sound, it’s true. So if you’re comfortable taking risks, do that, go on an epic trip, may be plan a start up. if you’re not, do what you enjoy doing. If you want to fulfill your parents’ dream, do that. If you got your own dream and have little courage to give it a chase under the sun, do it. Don’t let others decide your fate or who you want to be. Because we are already messed up a lot, while elders think we are upto no good, most of us are busy fighting the inner conflict. So don’t let others decide for you, it’s your life, you earned it by not ending it during the hard times. So why let people judge you? You’re a beautiful piece of shit, and be proud of that. Accept the differences. Everyone has something or else to teach, learn from them; if you know something better teach them. Ask for help, if you trip over the bumps, seek for guidance when you are lost; help someone who needs your help, be the guide. Open your mind, open your heart. I bet the world will be a beautiful place to live, with a better future, with less fusses.reality bites.jpg

*yeah life can be that simple* 🙂

Picture courtesy: movie files by ultracoders. (Reality Bites 1994)


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